Is Your Website On Brand? The Importance Of Design For Brand Credibility.

Not having a strong brand is one of the most common reasons why online businesses fail. A lot of entrepreneurs overlook the importance of their online presence, believing that the quality of their services alone is enough to attract ideal clients.

In reality, your website is the face of your company. It’s your calling card. People get to know you through your website. If it is not esthetically pleasing and does not provide great experience for its visitors, you will miss out on hundreds of potential clients who will never get to know you and your work. They will not be inclined to explore your website just because of its presentation.




To successfully sell online you need clients who know and trust you. A strong brand has clear messaging and coherent value proposition. It makes it easier for others to understand what your company is about.

The more your clients are familiar with your brand, the more they trust it.

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Studies show that first impression influences our perception of the subject in the long run. In other words, the opinion we form about a subject overtime does not change much from our first impression of it.

For online-based businesses it means that the first impression your website makes on its visitors is crucial. Scientific research suggests that

the look and feel of a website is what influences its visitors’ the first impression the most.

In fact, the look of your website accounts for astonishing 94% of its visitors’ impression. And only 6% of it is based on the website content. A website has to make great first impression with its visual design elements in order to create a strong brand foundation.


There is no definite answer as to which design is the most appealing and the most effective. It all depends on your industry, your target market, your brand. However studies show that

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