The best Internet marketing strategy on a small business budget

Creating high quality content is arguably the single most effective Internet marketing strategy that any small business can use.

Great content can drive valuable organic search traffic, build social influence, and generate a long term, stable return on investment.

This article highlights why content is so effective as an Internet marketing strategy and examines the ROI (Return On Investment) of content in comparison to other types of online marketing.


Content is the best Internet marketing

The difference between content and virtually any other type of marketing strategy is that content has a long term, cumulative effect, that is far more stable and predictable than other forms of online marketing.

Content is marketing for long term growth

For the sake of argument, let’s assume that your marketing budget is $1000 and that, via a Google Ads PPC campaign, you bid $1 per click (depending on your niche industry, this can be as high as $30, or more).

It’s not hard to work out that you will get 1000 visitors to your website. But, once that $1000 is gone, the traffic dries up.

If you haven’t managed to convert a sufficient number of visitors into paying customers, you’re left with a negative ROI.

Now assume that paying a highly skilled and proven blogger to generate content for you results in 10 excellent articles, that are highly relevant to your target audience.

With a bit of social sharing, and some patience, it is likely that these high quality articles will begin to drive organic search traffic via the selected SEO keywords targeted in those articles.

Content generates authority and trust

Not only will content generate more traffic overall, but the bounce rate will be lower because people are arriving at something that is valuable and interesting to them. This builds trust and authority, which makes readers more likely to convert – either immediately, or down the line.

Content improves page rankings

The presence of high quality content on a small business website will also improve its overall page rankings and this leads to benefits across the board – meaning that other pages will likely begin ranking better too.

Content is a platform for engagement

By creating great content you also create the opportunity to engage with other influencers and potential contacts within a niche.

Content is the voice of your business online. Without good content to back you up, social interactions grow the authority and influence of the social networks themselves – not necessarily your business.

Content is a way to draw traffic out of the social media sphere and onto your business website.

Be smart; use content to build up social influence, and a following in social media. This can be used as a powerful marketing tool, in its own right, down the line.

Resource:  Brand That Name Search Engine Optimisation

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