Taekwondo for Kids

As a Martial Arts Normal IL instructor, I have been teaching Taekwondo for kids for many years. During that time, I have found parents bring their children to our unique Taekwondo program for a variety of reasons. Some kids are overweight and Taekwondo for Kids helps them to slim down, improve their body image and increase self-esteem. However, a majority of parents seem to appreciate that our Taekwondo for Kids program is a great means of teaching their children better discipline.

Studying martial arts is hard work for anyone. Our Taekwondo for Kids program is an excellent means of instilling a sense of the value of this hard work in young people. Many kids come into the Taekwondo for Kids program lacking focus or direction.  Taekwondo for Kids teaches even the most rambunctious among them to be good citizens, show respect and get along well with others.



For students to do well in our Taekwondo for Kids program, they must apply themselves, often with a focus and determination they have not known before. Many parents observe that after some time in the Taekwondo for Kids program, their once rambunctious kids begin to carry that focus and determination over into other areas of their life like their school work.

As a black belt certified instructor with decades of teaching experience, part of my work has been to develop Martial Arts’ unique Taekwondo for Kids Life Skills system. Some common results observed by parents whose children participate in the Karate for Kids program include improved grades at school and displaying better social skills when interacting with their peers.

Our Taekwondo for Kids program is intended to assist students in three fundamental areas off the martial arts mat. These are at school at home and socially. And while our Taekwondo for Kids program is ideal for teaching kids discipline, most kids stay in the program because it is fun.

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