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Welcome to Removals Blackpool Service top 10 packing tips for moving home.


In this article we will outline the ten steps to get the best out of your packing for house moves. Also remember to download our Moving Home Checklist located on the right. The checklist will help you get the best out of packing and moving altogether and remind you of the important steps that should not be forgotten when moving home. Lets Begin:

Start Packing Early
The earlier the better. Head down to your local shop and ask for some spare boxes, start to think of the items that you will not need until you are settled into your new home. This includes books, clothes, kitchen appliances, kids toys and other items you can think of. If you do this a month or two prior to your move, you’ll be surprised how much easier moving day will be. If you have a loft, I’m sure there will be plenty of unused items located there.

Start Getting Rid of Unwanted Items and/or Furniture
Think of what you will no longer require at your new home. This could be a coffee table, books, kitchen appliances, clothes etc. You can get rid of them on Gumtree or give them to charity. It’s best to get rid of them early so you won’t worry about them later.

Pack One Room At A Time.
Only put the items of one room in one box. This helps you stay organised and on top your packing and you won’t have to go through twenty boxes when looking for something you may need. Also, don’t forget to…

Label Every Box
Labelling every box will be helpful to you and the movers. It will also make life a lot easier once you start to unpack at your new home.

Don’t Over Fill Boxes
25 – 30 pounds should be the maximum a box weighs. If exceeded, the box may not be able to hold the weight. The best way to avoid this is to pack the lighter items into big boxes and heavier items into smaller boxes.

Pack Important Documentation Separately
All your important documents should be packed separately to avoid anything being lost.


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