Two Gals Events & Promotions
Two Gals Events & Promotions
Planning Time Allowance

Please note that events take time to plan,
when contacting us to plan your event allow the following time frames. 

As always, each event is different so these are just time estimates,
please contact us to talk about your particular event.

Fundraisers    6 to 8 months

Non-Profit Fundraisers    6 to 8 months

Corporate Events    60 to 90 days

Private, Specialized or Themed Events    30 to 60 days

Retainer Fee

This is very important to understand from the beginning.

We charge a $250 non-refundable and non-negotiable retaining fee. 
This is not and should not be confused with a deposit.

The contract will be emailed to you which will outline the specifics
of your event and the expenses regarding your event.

We will be the ones to not only plan your event
but we will be the people you interact with and will meet with you about your event.


In the event you need to cancel your event,
please give us the following cancellation considerations:

Fundraisers and Non-Profit Fundraisers
4 months notice

Private, Specialized or Themed Events
14 days

Refunds are considered on an individual basis.