Need septic installation in greeley?

  • How can I tell if the system is malfunctioning?
        *    When there are odors, persistent wet spots and or lush growth of grass in the area of your field.
    *    If you have a plumbing drain that becomes sluggish when heavily used or during wet weather.
    *    Problems occur even after system has been recently pumped out.

    How often should I have my tank pumped?
    Most tanks should be pumped bi-annually.  By pumping on a regular basis, you will reduce the amount of solids and grease entering the drain field and will extend the life of and cut back on expensive repairs of your system.

    Is the liquid in the septic tank safe to handle?
    No.  Septic tank effluent is sewage with some of the solids removes.  It is still capable of spreading disease, breeding mosquitos and causing odors.


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