How to conceive a boy – Introduction

How to conceive a boy is a rather bizarre and weird subject in the strict sense of the terms. Had it been a few decades ago, the question as to how to conceive a boy would have been declined to answer, claiming the question being impossible and irrational. Still women belonging to that time were able to predict whether it’s a boy or a girl coming but that completely based on experience and wisdom. But the cutting edge technological advancement of the 21st century and the painstaking scientific researches has made it possible to answer as to how to conceive a boy, not medically or surgically but by following natural methods. It is the womb of the mother that the world of humanity begins from, a world consisting of both the masculine and feminine genders and hence the question of how to conceive a boy becomes a bit strange.


Sometimes it feels awkward to me when a lady asks how to conceive a boy. If the world goes on the same path, humanity would be having only one gender left. Anyways, I am relieved by the fact that not all women hanker after the question as to how to conceive a boy and leave the decision of the destiny upon God. However, it’s a fact that every couple would like to know how to conceive a boy as sometimes it works like a dream preference. The fact that there is no medical resolution to the question as to how to conceive a boy does not necessarily mean that you can’t enhance the chances for the same.

What doctors are suggesting is that the resolution to the question of how to conceive a boy is something that can not be achieved by medical science or operation. Rather it depends upon some simple methods and there are some natural methods that can be taken as precaution to increase the chances of conceiving a boy. Quite interestingly, science has discovered measures that prove helpful when are to answer how to conceive a boy.

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