Hiring a Brisbane SEO Expert

So, from very first moment we decide to work together, I will be asking these very important questions:

What are your expectations of an SEO campaign? Do you want more leads, more traffic, brand awareness?
What is the purpose of your business having an on-line presence? What is an overview of your business?
What products or services does your business offer? Do you have any main rivals in your industry?

By understanding your business model, what your business offers, how your business works and your expected outcomes; I can work with you on a much more professional level and help your business develop on-line. I have a wealth of experience with internet business development and I do not just want to help you gain ranks on Google but I want to help your business to makes sales, develop leads and ultimately increase your company’s return on investment. Step 1 is primarily research, which can be far more powerful than you may originally think.

Brisbane SEO: What Do You Get?
Step 2: Website Optimisation – ‘On-Page’ Optimisation and Website Usability
Now that we have established exactly what to aim for, it is time to carefully re-code your website to be relevant:

Is your website’s HTML code up to date? Can a Google-Bot determine what your website is really about?
When users come to your website, where are they clicking? What they seeing, why are they leaving?
Is your website easy to navigate around? Is your website clear about what it is your offering?

‘On-Page’ optimisation counts towards 30% of your overall SEO score in Google Rankings, that is a very large chunk of potential that many websites I see do not take advantage of. The term ‘On-Page’ optimisation is the process of re-coding of a website’s HTML to be more focussed towards a keyword. If you were to look at your website right now and take away the images, scrolling banners, any flash coding (Actionscript) and menu items, what do you see on your page? Is your website blank or have a few lines of content? Because this is all Google can see and will try to summarise what your website is about from it. By making your website more Google friendly, you will naturally rank higher in Google.

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