Best Fragrance Free Hairspray

At Fragrance Free Hairspray, our focus is on the purest, safest, best priced oil-based fragrances. We are located in the US. We import essential oils internationally. And maintain an inventory that includes exotic scents as well as our own special blends. Beginning in 1989, an exploration of high-priced perfumes and currently available street vender products, lead us to look for the essences that are the basis of all fragrances. Perfume, while the broadcast their scents widely through the use of alcohol, evaporate quickly and cost more. Street products, while trying to provide cheaper versions of “Designer” scents, often burn the skin because of additives that darken, thicken or thin original essences. Over time we have been able to locate authentic sources for natural essences that are shipped in unadulterated oils. Oil based scent have special qualities of tailoring themselves to the essence of each customer, maintaining a subtle presence that revives with body heat, and requiring only a drop to be effective all day long. These essences now form the basis of all of our fragrant oil products.

Each essence is unique to certain localities and processed by traditional methods. These distilled essences are protected in pure oils, without chemical additives, alcohols, thinners or thickeners. Essential scents are combined in traditional recipes to yield familiar exotic oils. Unique Sulaiman’s blends have been produced by the Essential Fragrance Company. Designer scents are pure imitations of popular commercial products. All of these products are safe for your skin, long lasting, and able to mix with your own body oils for a personal imprint. They can be blended to suit particular needs and are fairly priced for the U.S. market. High quality charcoal incense sticks include most of the scents mentioned above.

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