Best 6 inch benchtop jointer

Miter Cuts Click to see larger view Figure 3-1. Some examples of how miter cuts can be used to form four-, six- and eight-sided projects. Best 6 inch benchtop jointer. Both miter and bevel cuts are made with the stock held at an angle (other than 90°) to the saw blade. For instance, anytime you change the miter gauge from its normal 90° position, you will be sawing a miter. Some examples of miter cuts used to form four-, six-, and eight-sided figures are illustrated in Figure 3-1.


Use the following formula to determine the correct miter gauge setting for a project with any number of segments: Divide 360° by the number of sides and then divide the answer by 2.

To make any miter cut, set the miter gauge at the desired angle, and secure the lock knob. Warning: Place the miter gauge in one of the slots so that the face of the gauge is angled toward the blade.

Note: Since most miter cuts are made at 45°, the miter gauge has positive stops to help you quickly adjust the gauge to 45° left or 45° right. However, it’s wise to check critical setups with a drafting triangle or combination square. Mark the workpiece where you want to cut it.


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