Benefits of Air Conditioning Repair Kannapolis NC

As we mentioned before, we encourage our clients to read our report. It really helps both parties determine what is the best course of action for your air conditioner. For example, here is an excerpt from the report about Air Conditioner Repairs:



As an air conditioning system ages, it naturally requires more repairs as ordinary wear takes its toll. In addition to age, repairs usually stem from inadequate maintenance and can be divided into one of the following categories: refrigerant leaks, control or electrical component failure, drainage problems, and major component failure.
The following list includes a few specific symptoms that may lead to air conditioner service calls to Air Conditioning Repair Kannapolis NC:

Air comes out the vents, but does not cool to the thermostat setting;
Air is coming out of the vents and the indoor thermometer reads higher than the thermostat setting;
The unit does not run and ice is visible on the coils;
It is cool in one part of house or building, but not in the other;
Water leaks from the drain line or pan onto the floor, ceiling, etc.

If your system shows one of more of these symptoms, turn the air conditioning setting to “Off” at the thermostat and call HVAC right away for service and interim advice. Turning the system off could be especially important if parts of the A/C unit are frozen or producing unusual noises or odors.

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