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Photo Booth Company Vend and Premium Vend Booths are perfect for arcades, amusement parks, etc. And with email capabilities, you can share your photos with your friends and family.

Photo Booth Company comes complete with everything you need to start your business and service events such as weddings, holiday and birthday parties, graduations, anniversaries, and even corporate events. Your clients and their guests will be thoroughly entertained.


Social Media Package

The Social Media Package can be added to any photo booth company to direct customers to your website where they are able to view and share their photos via Facebook and Twitter. This allows customers to share your brand and company on your behalf virally. Click here for more info on how this works… Lighted Top Sign


  • turn-key system
  • email capabilities
  • vending capabilities
  • easily portable
  • 1950’s vintage styling
  • customize your booth

Why Choose us for Painting Service?

  • 28 years of experience painting commercial and residential properties
  • Lowest prices in the county
  • Quick turnaround
  • Complete satisfaction guaranteed (you don’t pay until you’re satisfied)
  • Experienced, honest, and friendly service


Quality Painting

At Painting Company, we use paint that’s made to last. We use Dunn Edwards Paints and Kelly-Moore Paints, both highly rated for mild, humid, and characteristically foggy climate. We also offer waterproofing for house and business exteriors, which will prevent mold growth and deter rotting.

Professional Painting Contractor

We offer a wide range of services for commercial and residential properties. From faux finishes to wallpaper to crown molding, we can finish your walls in any style you choose. We offer drywall repair and installation, waterproofing, and a full line of painting styles and finishes.

Fetching Faux Finishes

You can get the look of fine fabric covered walls, antique finishes, and other decorative details with faux finishes on your interior walls. Faux finishes can be used throughout a home, office, or restaurant, or they can be used in isolated areas to add drama and intrigue to your décor. Faux finishes bring style and glamor to your walls, adding shading, patterns, and textural details that a flat wall just doesn’t offer. At Pacific Coast Painting, we have perfected dozens of faux finishing techniques over the years. Contact us for a free initial consultation, and we can go over faux finish ideas for your painting project.

How to conceive a boy – Introduction

How to conceive a boy is a rather bizarre and weird subject in the strict sense of the terms. Had it been a few decades ago, the question as to how to conceive a boy would have been declined to answer, claiming the question being impossible and irrational. Still women belonging to that time were able to predict whether it’s a boy or a girl coming but that completely based on experience and wisdom. But the cutting edge technological advancement of the 21st century and the painstaking scientific researches has made it possible to answer as to how to conceive a boy, not medically or surgically but by following natural methods. It is the womb of the mother that the world of humanity begins from, a world consisting of both the masculine and feminine genders and hence the question of how to conceive a boy becomes a bit strange.


Sometimes it feels awkward to me when a lady asks how to conceive a boy. If the world goes on the same path, humanity would be having only one gender left. Anyways, I am relieved by the fact that not all women hanker after the question as to how to conceive a boy and leave the decision of the destiny upon God. However, it’s a fact that every couple would like to know how to conceive a boy as sometimes it works like a dream preference. The fact that there is no medical resolution to the question as to how to conceive a boy does not necessarily mean that you can’t enhance the chances for the same.

What doctors are suggesting is that the resolution to the question of how to conceive a boy is something that can not be achieved by medical science or operation. Rather it depends upon some simple methods and there are some natural methods that can be taken as precaution to increase the chances of conceiving a boy. Quite interestingly, science has discovered measures that prove helpful when are to answer how to conceive a boy.

Timber Decking: Helpful Guidelines for You to Know

If you are planning to use some excess space in and outside your home, you might as well look into timber decking. This is a popular and innovative way of expanding the space you have in mind to be usable. You may install bi-folding doors in an area of your house that can widen your space towards the outside area of your house.  A timber deck may help save some costs compared to building a cement or concrete structure in your empty space. A deck is also a good way to shield an old terrace or yard. You just have to make the necessary checks about council rules in your area before deciding to build your timber deck.

There are many good materials to consider in building your deck. The timber that you should use for your deck must be one that is able to withstand all climatic changes. You just have to make sure that the timber you use is purposely made for such open-air conditions. If you use timber as your ground posts, these need to be more durable, sturdy, tough and hardy enough to withstand the environmental elements.

Softwood can be also used as long as it is properly treated to resist and withstand outdoor conditions. The properly treated softwood like pine can be utilized in most decking settings and is considered as one of the most popular timber choices and is largely the cost effective preference among all.



Hardwood is the most highly recommended choice for decking timber. It is more expensive than softwood. It is more durable and has a natural resistance against insect harm. Hardwood has more timber-like properties compared to softwood. For one, it can have a long life span like timber. Hardwood may be difficult to treat, but because of its natural compositions it can be as durable for as long as it can be. But for safety measures, hardwood has to be seasoned or often kiln-dried. Some popular choices are the Asian hardwood Jarrah and Bartu which are usually used for decking purposes. You must also keep in mind that to better protect your hardwood decks, you must remember to do regular staining on them by using a good and excellent timber finish like decking oil and timber stain.

You can also use synthetics to make your deck. You can avail of the compressed sheeting which can be durable, water-resistant and cost-saving, too. You may choose to enfold the sheeting with some kind of finishing material of your choice.

The decking sketch or plan may be so conceived to your utmost need. If you have a space near the kitchen, then you can have a good deck there. You can choose the living room or any other space which can be an expanded area for you to have friends around. Choose the area which you feel would be best for your needs.

You must also remember to have some privacy on your deck. You can have some screens installed for privacy and to shield you from intense heat or cold. Your deck can be planned out facing the north to complement both summer and winter weather. You must also include in the plan the lighting, outdoor and indoor heating facilities that are needed.

Safety railings are also recommended for those who have kids playing around the deck. You have a wide choice of designs and materials to be used for your railings. You may also opt to have a safer deck for small children by having a childproof gateway mounted at the topmost area of the deck or stairs.

You must also keep in mind a good ground clearance for your deck. Supporting bearings and joists or beams must have the proper ground clearance and ventilation. It would be good to provide for sub-floor ventilators. As a requirement of the Building Code of Australia, the deck should have a higher ground clearance if built in termite prone areas.

If you want the spa and tree scenery, you can have that planned out in constructing your deck. Just make sure that the weight of the water is included in the layout plan and that your deck structure is ably supported to sustain the weight. You can also choose to place the tub on a solid block on the ground and construct the deck around it. As for the tree, you just have to leave enough space for it to grow as it would in time.

Hopefully, these helpful guidelines by Flooring Stores Charlotte would be useful to help you decide and have more ideas about making available space in your home more conducive for your use.

Benefits of Air Conditioning Repair Kannapolis NC

As we mentioned before, we encourage our clients to read our report. It really helps both parties determine what is the best course of action for your air conditioner. For example, here is an excerpt from the report about Air Conditioner Repairs:



As an air conditioning system ages, it naturally requires more repairs as ordinary wear takes its toll. In addition to age, repairs usually stem from inadequate maintenance and can be divided into one of the following categories: refrigerant leaks, control or electrical component failure, drainage problems, and major component failure.
The following list includes a few specific symptoms that may lead to air conditioner service calls to Air Conditioning Repair Kannapolis NC:

Air comes out the vents, but does not cool to the thermostat setting;
Air is coming out of the vents and the indoor thermometer reads higher than the thermostat setting;
The unit does not run and ice is visible on the coils;
It is cool in one part of house or building, but not in the other;
Water leaks from the drain line or pan onto the floor, ceiling, etc.

If your system shows one of more of these symptoms, turn the air conditioning setting to “Off” at the thermostat and call HVAC right away for service and interim advice. Turning the system off could be especially important if parts of the A/C unit are frozen or producing unusual noises or odors.